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About Michelle

Through my artwork, I try to bring beauty and innovation from my hands to yours!  To possess one of my fine writing instruments, you will feel empowered to write! The feel of these instruments is smooth with a balanced weight that allows the ink to flow freely from hand to paper.  With the excessive use of computers, handwriting seems to have fallen by the wayside.  I feel everyone deserves to own a pen that has meaning and purpose.  I began making watch parts pens for some clients who had a loved one pass on and gain a personal item or two.  Sometimes, the property being a watch, usually, not in working order.  They would send me the watch, where I disassemble and repurpose it.  By using the parts inside as well as the dial, I created a beautiful work of art but also a beautiful writing instrument that encases the timepiece that was once worn by their loved ones.

As coined by English author Edward Bulwer-Lytton in 1839, ‘The pen is mightier than the sword’, this is one of the truest quotes I've ever read, as written communication is more effective than direct violence.

 About Jasmine

Hi everybody! I’m Jasmine Becket-Griffith, the girl who paints all this stuff. I am a free-lance, self-employed artist. It is my full-time job, and I’ve been doing it professionally since I started strangeling.com in 1997. I live in Celebration, Florida with my husband Matt. He works for me as my assistant, and processes & ships a lot of the orders, prints, etc. We have three cats – Mama Wolf, Sunshine and Tigrillo!

Most of my time is spent painting. People often ask “how do you have so many paintings?” – the simple answer is that I paint all the time, seriously!  When I’m not painting, I make appearances at art conventions, exhibitions, and festivals where I sell my work, paint live, and meet my fans! Occasionally I am able to take time to travel and spend time with family, usually returning with new ideas for more artwork! I love animals, I am a vegetarian, I love reading (fantasy, horror, history, science, art books, etc.), listening to music, and visiting beautiful places around the world.


 About Tom

Chicago artist Tom Fedro creates art that makes you smile out loud. A combination of urban landscapes and pop art faces that focus on composition and color. Tom's bright colored, bold whimsical art warms the heart and celebrates the joy brought to our lives by the diverse nature of our species.